Tiny Changes = Big Differences

We aren’t born with a user manual that shows us how to walk and move.  As we get older, we develop habits about the way we move, maybe due to a past injury or because it’s easier to walk, sit, or stand a certain way. However, as we slowly age, those habits become our downfall that can result in further injury and more pain. 

That’s where Body Resolution comes in. 

Body Resolution is like a physical therapy but also like a personal trainer.  We work your body, but in a way that helps to heal your body at the same time.  Instead of using hands on techniques, we give you tools (exercises) to correct your issues.  We go through your body’s range of motion to see what it can do and what it can’t do.  We figure out how we can help you to move better to have less pain or more mobility.  Even a tiny change makes a world of difference.

We are professionals specializing in identifying and correcting functional movement patterns. We will study your unique body mechanics and teach you techniques to exercise effectively, utilizing the appropriate muscles while protecting and strengthening areas that may need extra attention. Our guidance supports and motivates you in achieving increased mobility, improved balance, and greater overall fitness.

Our clients are men and women just like you. They want to be healthy, live well, and enjoy life. Let us design an individualized fitness program for your unique needs.

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Turn into the parking lot and take your first left.  We are located in the building between Desert Title and Arizona Sunset Dental.