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I was introduced to Debbi Omizo Banis by Mark Polich, my golf instructor.  I was in my late 70’s and highly motivated to stay in shape and ward off old age.  My first impression of Debbi proved to be correct: engaging, very positive, energetic and extremely knowledgeable.  I started in a golf fitness class and eventually moved to her Strength and Metabolic Training class.

Typical of someone my age, I have some physical limitations that I have had to work around.  One of them was a weak right shoulder resulting from rotator cuff surgery twenty years earlier.  During a physical exam at Mayo Clinic, I had been told never to do push-ups because I could reinjure my shoulder.  As soon as I started working with Debbi, she gave me exercises to strengthen the small muscles around the shoulder.  Now I can do twenty push-ups and I’m working on doing pull-ups.

During the Covid pandemic we all Zoomed, but I was happy when we could return to Debbi’s studio.  Her ability to watch you do an exercise and correct minor technique shortfalls is one of her great strengths.  Moreover, she always has music and her sessions are fun.

On Mondays, Debbi has a particularly long day, so we work with her assistant Allie Bogart.  Same warmth; same high quality.

I’ve been working with Debbi et al for at least three years and I wouldn’t be able to recommend Body Resolution more highly.

Rob Sayre
Rob Sayre

Without golf fitness, my golf lessons would be futile.  I wouldn’t have the strength or mobility to improve.

Betty M.

This is absolutely the greatest exercise program! They understand everyone’s abilities and difficulties.

Pat S.

Because I was a little older than most of my exercise buddies, I felt that I would stand out like a sore thumb.  Well, I was so wrong.  I feel very comfortable in my class and having Debbi as my teacher.  She is a joy to work with and has helped me so much with the aches and pains that I have.  Debbi is quick to see what you are doing right or wrong in a minute.

Selma G.

Debbi has an amazing knowledge of the body’s muscular structure and the ability to pinpoint problem areas given restrictions in movement or pain.  She finds a way to improve your limitations in one part of the body by stretching or strengthening another part that a person wouldn’t think was connected.  She has allowed me to function better as I move thru three joint replacements.  She also has a knack for explaining the process in easily understood terms.  The fact that she understands the mechanics of a golf swing is an added bonus.  With personal training, she provided significant direction that allowed me to exercise at home or when I’m away in the summer months.  She is a phenomenal asset to your healthcare team.

Pete F.

Body Resolution is a therapeutic fitness center run by Debbi Omizo Banis.  Over two years ago, I was referred by physical therapy to get help with ongoing back pain.  Not only has the back pain resolved, but I have also learned how to keep my body physically fit.  I can honestly say that I am in the best shape I have ever been in due to Debbi’s knowledge, motivation, and workout/treatment plan.  The pleasant atmosphere, music playlists, and conversations enhance the time I spend there.  Check it out. 

Dr. Marilyn H

I have worked with Debbi both individually and in her classes, and it’s difficult to cite how many different ways she has helped me.  Both her education and experience have afforded her quite a unique understanding of the body.  Her personality, drive for excellence and desire to help, enable her to recall even the slightest details of each person’s abilities and issues, then apply her knowledge of exercise physiology to that person, even in a class situation.  Following an injury, I once worked with a very reputable physical therapist recommended by my doctor for four months with only some degree of relief.  After working with Debbi individually for two weeks, the remaining pain was gone.  I currently participate in one class each week, and appreciate that she never stops challenging me.  She has taught me so much about the benefits of core strength and how to build and maintain it, I can’t imagine that I will ever stop applying what I have learned.

Sheri H.

My name is Ralph Hudson and I’m 76 years old.  In April of 2016 we were with a group of friends touring the wine country in California and playing golf.  One evening after golf we went out to dinner and when leaving the restaurant, I was putting my jacket on and felt a tremendous pain in my left shoulder.  I suspected in was a rotator cuff tear but wasn’t sure – I hurt and had limited use of my left arm.  Of course, I could no longer play golf so we headed back home to AZ.

I had started working with Debbi Omizo Banis a few months earlier, just to get into better shape, so I gave her a call to get her thoughts about my problem (I was hoping it was just a pulled muscle).  After she examined me, she also agreed it might be a rotator cuff tear and suggested I see an orthopedic surgeon ASAP which I did.  After doing an MRI, the surgeon confirmed the tear and suggested I schedule surgery as soon as possible.  However, I wanted a second opinion so I saw my family doctor.  After looking at the MRI report, he suggested that I might first try therapy to strengthen and augment the other muscles around that area to possibly avoid the surgery (he had a similar issue and worked through it with therapy).

On his advice, I went back to see Debbi, and she agreed that we should give it a try.  She also told me it would not be a quick fix but we should know if it’s working in a few weeks.  The pain soon diminished, and after three months of working with Debbi a couple times a week, and working at home between those visits, I started getting mobility back in my shoulder and the pain was virtually gone.  After eight months I was back to 100%.  That’s been almost five years ago and I have been continuing to work with Debbi for golfing strength and flexibility on a weekly basis.  I avoided a very unpleasant operation and continue to feel great!  Thank you Debbi!!

Ralph Hudson

I initially had been referred to Debbi at the end of March 2013 due to ongoing problems I had been having for several years. Some of these were related to hip replacement three years ago and some because of longstanding back issues. She videotaped my walking and then began to develop a series of exercises that quickly began to alleviate some of my concerns. During this process, I learned that she was starting exercise classes for golfers. Debbi is an exercise physiologist and also has graduated from the Titleist school of golf. I told Debbi that I had lost distance for the past several years and my index had gone from a 4 to a 9. I also was experiencing more discomfort after golfing, and basically golf was no longer fun for me. She convinced me to sign up for the classes. I am so glad she did. 

“The classes started April 15th and met twice a week through May 23rd. Now keep in mind, the classes do not focus on the fundamentals of the perfect swing. They do focus on balance, mobility, and strengthening the core muscles needed to swing the club effectively. The classes are small, and you get plenty of individual attention. They are also fun. But they are hard work, and there are exercises that can be done at home during the week. Since starting the classes, I have gone from a 9 to a 4.8 and on July 4th, I shot my age, a 69. I can say with 100 percent certainty that this would not have happened if I had not been taking the class. I now have much more balance, a smoother swing, where I am not lunging at the ball and am getting more distance with much less effort. I have signed up for the next series of classes starting in June. My goal is to get to a 5 by the end of summer. I recommend this class to golfers of all levels of play. Thank you so much, Debbi, for your knowledge, personality, and persistence in convincing me I could be much more than I thought.

Lew M.

This is the best fitness class I have ever taken!  Debbi really knows how our bodies work, and she always provides options to meet each of our needs.  And she makes it all so much fun!

Debbie G.

I believe that Debbi Omizo Banis hired someone special when she hired Allie Bogart. I am not quick to change something that is working; however, after Allie worked with me both individually and in group classes my fears were unfounded.  Change is good. Allie is very knowledgeable, professional, and kind. She can manage simultaneously live and Zoom classes.


I’m so happy that Allie Bogart has become a member of the staff at Body Resolution.  Like Debbi, Allie has taught me so much about how to work out safely and effectively.  Allie always has a suggestion to help me improve my workouts, and I appreciate her focus on making sure the class members aren’t doing any harm to ourselves.  She has a very kind and encouraging way of instructing and keeps us moving and smiling.  I’m very happy to be working out with Allie, and it has been fun to get to know her.

Mary Gillett

Allie Bogart is a genius at customizing exercises for each person’s needs and abilities. She keeps an eye on me so I won’t do an exercise in a harmful way. And she does all this with gentle correction and suggestions. 

I am lucky to have a dedicated teacher and helper in Allie Bogart

Barbie Adler

I love my zoom exercise class at home in Wyoming! It’s been 6 months and my strength and flexibility continue to improve each month. It has helped my sore lower back, hips & so many other things. I didn’t even realize how hard things had gotten for me. I look forward to the classes – Debbi makes things so interesting across the miles. She can see what I need to adjust in order to get stronger!

Janice B

I love exercising under your watchful eye!  Allie is continually watching out for each member in class, and even those on zoom, to be sure we are working safely and effectively.  She is so knowledgeable she can customize an exercise on the spot to meet our needs. Allie continues to encourage us to do our personal best in class and to carry what we learn in class out into our daily lives. She personally keeps me from “overdoing” and reminds each of us to listen to our bodies. Allie greets us with a “Good morning!” and  a smile under her mask. Allie is one of those genuinely good people – kind, fun, and friendly. Allie, you are loved!

LuAnn S.

On our first meeting, after two minutes, Debbi told me- “You don’t stand right, walk right and breathe right.” Not only has she taught me all that stuff but my 73 year old neck now actually rotates and my upper and lower back actually move.  She is a miracle worker.  And she is fun to work with.

Dick Dean