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An exercise program combining movements and motions needed to help improves one’s body to deliver energy to the ball in an optimum fashion. There are many moving parts involved in striking the golf ball, however if you are lacking mobility in a certain area, it is challenging. If you are lacking stability, it is even more challenging. Over the years, your body will change, and your only feedback will be, “How far did I hit it?” Or, “Did the golf ball land in the fairway or on the green?” “My back doesn’t hurt when I swing the golf club, so I must be ok.” So over time, as the ball starts to change its trajectory or your body starts to hurt, you will change your golf swing to accommodate it. If you are unable to perform certain movements, you will not realize it until you watch a video of yourself and think, “That wasn’t what I was trying to do” or “Is that what I really look like?”

On the day of your assessment, we evaluate you from head to toe. We start with photos and a short gait analysis. Then we perform an assessment using the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) screen. This takes approximately 50 mins. Upon completion and discussion of the assessment, we will find the class to best suit your needs. If you experience lower back pain, elbow pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, etc., modifications are made for past or current injuries based on the assessment and daily findings. Working out two to three times a week in class allows you to be immersed in 30-40 different movement patterns and exercises you would not be able to comprehend in a short period of time. We guide you. We correct you. We teach you to move many body parts which allows your body to begin to restore its normal function quicker than if you attempted it on your own.


We are also available to meet you at the practice range with or without your golf pro/instructor. We will utilize video for part of your session and discuss the areas of your body preventing you from performing the golf swing as you desire. Sometimes it is due to a lack of mobility, stability, or an understanding of the golf swing. You, your golf pro/instructor, and your golf fitness instructor will discuss why you are unable to complete the task and discuss how to allow your body to complete the task.

Common swing faults such as early extension, loss of posture, sliding and swaying, can be explained by a lack of mobility or stability in the body. Once the mobility or stability is restored, then you need to relearn the proper pattern for the golf swing.
I work with several local golf professionals, and we exchange information to help to improve your golf game for the long term.


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