What is Golf Fitness?
An exercise program addressing mobility, stability, strength, balance, power, and stamina issues for golfers.
The ability to rotate the torso while maintaining stability through the core and legs. Increasing range of motion in areas may be limited such as the torso, the hips, the wrists, etc. Also, to improve strength, balance, and stamina to allow yourself to play 18 holes without losing form or focus.

Can you deliver the energy to the ball in the optimum fashion?
If you’ve lost distance over the years, then you may not be performing at your optimum level. Is it due to poor swing mechanics or is it due to body changes? Doing a TPI screen will help you to answer those questions.

Do you have a current or a past injury that prevents you from performing the motion?
Sometimes, the site of the pain is not the source of the problem. For example, you may be experiencing lower back pain because you lack rotation in your hips or your upper back. Or you may be experiencing elbow pain due to lack of core strength. Looking at the entire body helps to find the area that needs improvement.

Does it hurt to perform the motion?
You may be performing the golf swing incorrectly and it may be creating an injury. We would review your swing either by video or in person, you would explain the pain you are experiencing and we would work together to either teach you how to swing properly or to modify the swing for your specific body.

When your golf professional/instructor asks you to perform a certain movement, are you unable to do the movement due to your inability to move that joint, to stabilize a joint, due to a pattern problem, or because of another joint?
We would work together to figure out why you are unable to perform the motion. The TPI screen provides insight into your body, however watching you perform the movement will provide the information to know if it is due to your body or due to the lack of proper patterning.

Would you like to increase your driving distance?
Incorporating power and speed will help to improve your driving distance. Did you know that improving your balance, strength, and mobility will too?

Do you feel a connection to the ground?
If you do not, you may be causing an inconsistent golf swing and you may be losing distance.

Do you suffer from lower back pain when golfing?
This could be due to a lack of core strength or lack of mobility in other areas. For example, if you lack mobility in your upper back, your body may increase the movement at your lower back, thereby causing you pain.

Do you start off with no pain and then experience pain during the round?
This could be due to your muscles fatiguing during the round. Or you may be using the incorrect muscles when golfing.

Do you start off with pain and then the pain dissipates during the round?
This could be due to your muscles lacking stability and strength to stabilize the joint. So when you golf, the muscles engage and then it improves your stability. You can create more stability during rest (e.g. when you are not golfing) by improving your strength and understanding of your own body.

Does your elbow hurt during or after golfing?
There are taping techniques and exercises to alleviate the pain. The problem could be with your grip or your core.

Do you become inconsistent at the end of your round?
You could be lacking stamina or core strength.

Are you using machines at the gym that are one dimensional or uniplanar?
Golf is a multiplanar sport. You should be performing rotational movements under control and exercises with speed to increase your power. You should be performing complex activities that involve multiplanar exercises while improving your balance and strength.

Are you performing a body building workout program for golf?
You are creating imbalances and decreased mobility for your body, limiting your ability to rotate and move freely. You will look good, however you may be setting yourself up for injury.