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What if I have a back injury?
You can still exercise, but with modifications. You first need to be assessed. There are different types of back injuries, and it depends on whether the injury is due to stiffness, imbalance, rotations, misalignment, and so on. I will examine your movement patterns and then determine the best course of action.

When can I begin your exercise program?
Immediately after an assessment by Allie or Debbi. Email us at or call us at (520) 989-1919 to set up an appointment.

How do I join?
Email us at or call us at (520) 989-1919. Click on the FORMS word to the left, fill in the forms (and bring them with you), and then set up an appointment for an assessment.

I live outside of Tucson.  Can I join via Zoom?

Of course!  You’ll need to contact us for the meeting ID and passcode.

Do I need to purchase special equipment to exercise via Zoom?
Contact us and we will help you set up your own home exercise studio.  

 Is there a membership fee?

What happens if I am sick?
Remove your name from signup genius, and I will receive an email notification. You can also email, text, or call us.

How do I sign up on
Go to:
Enter your login/user name and password.
You’ll need our special password. Once you call us to set up an appointment, we will provide you with more information.

What should I wear for Golf or Fitness Classes?
Loose, comfortable clothing and appropriate exercise shoes that have support.

What should I bring?
A water bottle to stay hydrated during water breaks. A towel for perspiration. Energy to work out. (If you forget it, we will provide you with energy.)