Welcome to Body Resolution, LLC

We designed this company with you in mind. We are your ever-present guides in exercising safely. Everyone’s personality is unique, and the same is true of YOUR body. Certain exercises work for certain people. Not all exercises are meant for all people. We tailor your exercise program to fit YOUR needs. Modifications are made for each exercise based on YOUR needs. Proper body mechanics are stressed during performance of each exercise. We focus on proper form instead of increasing resistance. Increased resistance occurs only after proper mechanics are taught. Everyone needs a coach to guide them. We are your coaches and guides.

Everyone has been to a gym. It’s intimidating — big muscles lifting big, heavy weights. How do you go to the gym and know that you are exercising safely? You watch the other person do the exercise and assume that since they have large muscles and look good, they must be doing it right. WRONG! Watching and copying it wrong lead to current or future injuries. We’ll teach you how to move your body safely every day. So when you pick up the groceries, pick up your child, or stow your carry-on in the overhead compartment, you’ll do it right.

Everyone has been injured at one time in their life. Has your body compensated for a past injury or surgery, but you were unaware of it? We look for imbalances and compensations and then work toward creating more balance.

We focus on core strength. A stronger core leads to a more stable body. A more stable body allows proper movement through various activities, including rotational, vertical, and powerful activities. These movements are then applied to everyday activities including lifting groceries, lifting suitcases, loading and unloading the dishwasher, washing windows, mopping the floor, and so on. They are also applicable to activities such as golfing, basketball, baseball, volleyball, and dancing. Proper form starts with a good, strong core.

We offer a comprehensive exercise program to strengthen your body, build stamina, and increase flexibility. We also offer a Pilates class designed to enhance core strength, body awareness, and postural alignment. Were you injured? You can still exercise. 
We design a customized program to prevent further injury and strengthen the weakened area.

How are we different from a gym? We are professionals who are experienced in identifying and correcting functional movement patterns. We will tailor your exercise program to fit your needs while monitoring your body mechanics. We’ll teach you techniques to allow you to exercise effectively. It’s a non-intimidating environment that’s comfortable and encouraging.